International Lirikonfest Velenje

International Lirikonfest Velenje (MLFV) is a traditional year-round festival of 21st century lyrical arts – its main program being an international literary meeting in Velenje (in June or September), – which has been organized by Institution Velenje Literary Foundation and Velenika association in cooperation with foreign and Slovenian partners since 2002.

International Lirikonfest Velenje has been embedded in presentation and popularization of 21st century fine literature, its authors, translators, international intermediaries of Slovenian literature and language to other nations, organizers, editors and other experts in Slovenian, European and World literature for two and a half decades; it establishes and broadens international literary collaboration, especially with original and translated 21st century poetry and with contemplation about the cognitive, cohesive and critical role of literature in European society and beyond.  

Lirikonfest's literary roundtables are designed in terms of essays and debates regarding contemporary European literary themes.

International Lirikonfest Velenje combines literary projects going back several years (established in Velenje between 2002 and 2017), which present 2 x 21 European and other authors, translators, international intermediaries and other experts on contemporary European/World fine literature, with new works live every year in the main festival program.

The year-round program of International Lirikonfest Velenje contains 21 productions, which are (with original and translated periodical publications in international Rp. Lirikon21, at festival readings, literary roundtables, residential creative stays and other events) presented to around one hundred foreign and Slovenian authors, translators, international intermediaries and other 21st century fine literature experts.  

Established and establishing European authors, translators, expert interpreters, editors, philosophers, aesthetes, international literary intermediaries and other experts and followers of original and translated fiction (especially 21st century poetry) are invited to participate at Lirikonfest.

Lirikonfest's events are open to public and they include a reading culture development program with literary subscriptions (program cycles) I'm devouring books (for adults and older youth), Chocolate with a book (for children and younger youth) and Velenje Travelogue Spring/Winged Turtle's Storytelling (selected Slovenian travelogue books). 

International Lirikonfest Velenje envelopes all circles from which Slovenian literature spreads among readers: it introduces the youngest to children literature; it enables younger authors to get their voices heard; it introduces the latest works of established Slovenian and foreign authors; it opens expert debates about contemporary themes in Slovenian and European literature at roundtables and others; it includes its own literary-periodical and occasionally fictional book production; it offers an assortment of literary events and it demonstrates international literary collaboration in Slovenian space and occasionally with tours or presentations abroad.

Municipality Velenje has been a long-time sponsor of Lirikonfest Velenje.