International Pretnar award

International Pretnar award is the central Slovenian acknowledgment with the honorary title ambassador of Slovenian literature and language and Slavic cultures, which has been awarded in Velenje since 2004 for sustainable, years worth or one time important contributions in international cohesion or establishment of Slovenian literature and language abroad to those deserving individuals (two or a group as an exception), equal to foreign and Slovenian citizens, who make an effort to get to know Slovenian literature, Slovenian language and Slovenian authors around the world in the spirit of Tone Pretnar PhD (1945–1992). It's an international acknowledgment for those cultural intermediaries, who spread live awareness and knowledge about Slovenian literature and language outside of Slovenia among other nations in the world or they establish sustainable international cultural dialogue, interest and cohesion (among other things: with learning about and translating contemporary Slovenian fine literature, encouraging and organizing Slovenian language lessons and translating Slovenian literature, establishing contemporary Slovenian authors etc.). The selection criteria evaluate all areas and genres of literary operation and creation, which show important international union and establishment of Slovenian literature and language. The suggested candidates can be citizens of any country in the world (even people without citizenship). – The award is honorary, presented in the form a deed and an artistic sculpture engraved with the title of ambassador (work of academic sculptor Jurij Smole). 

Tone Pretnar (1945–1992) (Slovenia)

International Pretnar award has so far been awarded to:

2004 – Ludwig Hartinger (Austria)
2005 – František Benhart (Czech Republic)
2006 – Gančo Savov (Bolgaria)
2007 – Božena in Emil Tokarz (Poland)
2008 – Kari Klemelä (Finland)
2009 – Matjaž Kmecl in Andrej Rozman (Slovenia)
2010 – Nadežda Starikova (Russia)
2011 – Peter Scherber (Germany/Austria)
2012 – Evgen Bavčar (Slovenija-France) and Orsolya Gallos (Hungary)
2013 – Nikollë Berishaj (Albania)
2014 – Zdravko Kecman (Bosnia and Hercegovina/Republika Srbska)
2015 – Karol Chmel (Slovakia)
2016 Zvonko Kovač (Croatia)
2017 Joanna Pomorska (Poland)
2018 – Peter Kuhar (Slovenia/Czech Republic) and Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová (Czech Republic)
2019  – Metka Lokar (Slovenia/China)
2020  Miran Hladnik (Slovenia)