Poetic Slovenia Academy

Poetic Slovenia Academy – has been a traditional literary-artistic event in Velenje since 2007 (beginning/2006 March 21st, World Poetry Day) with a gala all-Slovenian literary award ceremony for 10 years of outstanding poetic work of a Slovenian author, who has had an important impact on 21st century fine literature (this is with at least two high quality original poetry collections for adults, which have first been published in Slovenian language in the last 10 years) called velenjica-čaša nesmrtnosti. – The award is honorary and demonstrated in the form of a deed and an artistic sculpture (work of academic sculptor Jurij Smole). An edition of recipient's 50 selected poems  published in the past 10 years has been part of the award since 2013/2014 (the past recipient's book is released when the new award winner is announced). The award can be financial if it's sponsored by a renowned Slovenian company or financed by the government. 

The velenjica-čaša nesmrtnosti award has so far been received by the following distinguished Slovenian poets:

2006 – Andrej Medved
2007 – Milan Vincetič
2008 – Milan Dekleva
2009 – Vinko Möderndorfer
2010 – Boris A. Novak
2011 – Milan Jesih
2012 – Peter Kolšek
2013 – Zoran Pevec
2014 – Esad Babačić
2015 – Maja Vidmar
2016 – Peter Semolič
2017 – Tone Škrjanec
2018 – Iztok Osojnik
2019 - Uroš Zupan