Rp. Lirikon21

Rp. Lirikon21 (ISSN 1855–0207) is an international 21st century poetry and Lirikonfest’s matters journal (renamed and separate from the original Poetikon journal), which has been published by Institution Velenje Literary Foundation since 2005 or since 2007, as a specialized journal/festival anthology of original and translated 21st century poetry. The journal is mainly geared towards popularizing contemporary poetry – with releases in original languages, selected Slovenian translations and releases of selected translations of contemporary Slovenian poetry in other languages (occasionally also poetry and poetic playwrights for children, youth and adults); it's open for literary essays (with themes of Lirikonfest literary roundtables) and it presents and documents Lirikonfest events, awards and acknowledgments. – Rp. Lirikon21 has been published as a journal-festival anthology/reading book of International Lirikonfest Velenje from the IX. to X. edition (2013/2014).