UVKF production

UVKF has organized the International Literary Meeting in Velenje (named Herberstein meeting of Slovenian authors with international participation until 2007) since 2002, which has expanded its program into International Lirikonfest Velenje since 2008 (festival of lyrical arts/lyrical feeling, »poetry retreat«), which combines traditional and broadly respectable literary events, awards and other actions (basis/main in Velenje, with presentations across Slovenia and occasionally abroad):

  • International Literary Meeting in Velenje;
  • Rp. Lirikon21 (international festival anthology/journal/reading book with original and translated 21st century poetry and Lirikonfest's matters);
  • international festival acknowledgments lirikon's zlát (for outstanding periodical translations of 21st century poetry into other European languages, published in Rp. Lirikon21) and lirikonfest's zlát (biannual festival acknowledgment for the most substantial essay on the topic of contemporary European themes at Lirikonfest's literary roundtables);
  • International Pretnar award (annual award of the honorary title/Slovenian acknowledgment to ambassadors of Slovenian literature and language and Slavic cultures across the world since 2004 at Herberstein meeting/International Lirikonfest Velenje);
  • Poetic Slovenia Academy (a gala art event with an award ceremony for the all-Slovenian literary award velenjica-čaša nesmrtnosti marking outstanding 10 years of poetic work);
  • International literary-translation residency in Velenje (creative residencies for European authors and translators of contemporary Slovenian serious literature);
  • Lirikonfest’s tastings of 21st century lyrical arts (year-round cycle of literary evenings with an accompanying artistic program).