Winged Turtle Award

Velenje Travelogue Spring cycle of selected travel storytellings and the Winged Turtle literary award for the best Slovenian travelogue (of the past year) have been established as part of International Lirikonfest Velenje program in 2017 and are a novelty in Slovenia. Travelogue is becoming an increasingly popular literary genre, but it hasn't achieved proper academic recognition so far. We want to popularise the travelogue genre and help establishing Slovenian travelogue writers with a cycle of travel storytellings and a new Slovenian literary award. The award is honorary, presented in the form a deed and an artistic sculpture. It can be financial in case of financing by a distinguished Slovenian company or government grants. 

The Winged Turtle Award has so far been recived by the following Slovenian authors:

2017 – Agata Tomažič (Zakaj potujete v take dežele?, Cankarjeva založba, 2016)
2018 Dragan Potočnik (Pesem za Sinin džan, Založba Pivec, 2017)
2018 – Aleš Šteger (Na kraju zapisano 6: Solovki (Rusija), Beletrina, 2017)
2019  Jakob J. Kenda (Apalaška pot: 2500 kilometrov hribov in Amerike, ISPO, 2018)